Akatsuki Inc.

Society Vision - The future society we dream of -

A society that develops with positive emotion as a reward.

We dream of a society where people don't work for outside influences such as money,
but for inner rewards such as personal satisfaction and happiness.

People become earnest when working toward emotional desires, such as excitement and goodwill.

We work with earnest excitement each day. That is precisely what makes us happy in life.

Each person has the power to change the world. There are limits to monetary compensation versus no limit to emotional compensation.

There are no resource limitations with gratitude and excitement.

Society benefits when each person acts in earnest excitement, with a smile on their face, leading to a new form of independent society.

This is our dream for future society.

Mission - the reason we exist -

The power of games to bring happiness to the world

We at Akatsuki believe that our company exists, at its core, to make society happier with the help of our business.
We believe it is important that, with this belief in mind and through finding daily excitement, we can also become happier as we grow as humans.

Among numerous approaches to improve the world, we believe in the potential of games.

Games themselves have the power to make people smile, the power to make people excited from within, and the power to create connections between people.

Games are like a magnifying glass.
They can amplify both the good and the bad.
We aim to use the power of games to make the world a happier place.

We believe that games have the power to realize our dream for a society that develops with emotion as a reward.

Ours is a distant dream, but we are confident that our path will lead to our goal.