Akatsuki Inc.

Society Vision ~A society of the future that we dream of~

A society that develops with emotion as a reward

We dream of a society where people do not work for money but work for personal satisfaction.

We believe that people get the most serious when they act according to things that their heart yearns for, such excitement or good will.

Getting serious about feeling excited everyday -
We believe this is the state of being happy in life.

We also believe that each person has the strength to change the world.
There are limits to activities where money is gained as a reward, but there are no limits to activities where the cost are emotions.

This is because there are no limitations of resources when it comes to being grateful and being moved.

A voluntary society with a new form where each person gets serious about feeling excited, and is smiling and is having a good time, and this makes the society better.

This is the society of the future that we dream of.

Mission ~The reason that we exist~

Making the world happy with the power of games

When we think about the reason that companies exist, we believe it all boils down to making society happier through work.
And in the process, we believe that it is important for us ourselves to become happier by feel excitement every day and growing as a human being.

There are hundreds and millions of approaches to making the world a better place. We believe in the potential of games.

The power that games have, to make people smile.
The power to make people excited from the inside, embedded inside of games A power that creates connections with people.

A power of games is like a magnifying glass. It can give big power to both good things and bad things.

Using games and the power that they hold, we will change the world into a happier place.

We believe that we can achieve this society that we dream of where feeling moved is the reward, with the power of games.

The finish line is very far, and it may be the wrong one, but we have firm conviction that this path leads to the goal.

First finish line ~Our first goal~

Become a representative company of
Asia using the power of games

We believe in the worth of both games themselves and the strength that they hold.
In other words, we believe in the potential of both “Game as an Entertainment” and “Game as a Service”.

Entertainment (mainly social games) that makes everyday fun
We work on providing services that solve the problems of society, which use the creating of products and the power of games.

By trying this double approach, we believe we can move forward a great deal in accomplishing our mission.

Our first goal is to become one of the greatest companies in Asia with this approach.

There are two reasons why.
The first reason is that we believe that contributing to Asia, with its rapid economic and social development, is the shortcut to making the entire world happy.

Of course, we believe that this is an extremely difficult road, and in one to two years’ time, it may not seem like a shortcut. .
However, we believe that in 10 to 20 years’ time, our contribution to Asia will have huge impact on the world.

Our second reason is that we believe that we can contribute even more greatly to Asia with the power of games.

e believe that in Asia, that is going through rapid economic development, the people will start to seek more emotional satisfaction (the happiness of the heart) after experiencing material satisfaction.

We believe that contributing to emotional satisfaction, is the area where the power of games can truly be exerted. We believe that we can make the people of Asia smile even more with this strength that games hold.

And while making use of the fact that we are a company that started in Japan by fully loading products with the good aspects of Japanese culture / contents that have attracted attention and are referred to as “CoolJapan”, we will aim to become one of the greatest companies in Asia using the power of games.