Akatsuki Inc.

Co-founder Representative Executive CEO	Genki Shiota's Photo

Co-founder and CEOCEO Genki Shiota

Born in 1983 - Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
BS in Electronic Engineering and Computer Science from Yokohama National University, MBA from Hitotsubashi University. Joined DeNA, promoted to affiliate sales manager and advertising director.
Co-founded Akatsuki with Mr. Kouda

Co-founder Director COO Tetsuro Kouda's Photo

Co-founder DirectorCOO Tetsuro Kouda

Born in 1985 - Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture
Attended University of Tsukuba, College of Engineering Systems after graduating from Sasebo College.Joined Accenture after graduation and worked in Management Consulting Headquarters.
Advised on strategy, marketing, and IT fields to major electronics manufacturers and telecommunications firms. Co-founded Akatsuki with Mr. Shiota

Director CFO Tomoya Ogawa's Photo

DirectorCFO Tomoya Ogawa

Born in 1976 - Tokyo BS in Economics from Tokyo University.
After working for a US consulting firm, joined a law firm and worked on corporate legal affairs, M&A, bankruptcy and business revitalization as a lawyer.
Joined DeNA in 2010 and engaged in general business affairs as Executive Officer in the Corporate Planning Division.

Director CFO Tomoya Ogawa's Photo

Outside DirectorHisashi Katsuya

Professional Connector & Painting Artist
Born in 1962 - Tokyo. Studies mathematics at Sophia University and worked for IBM Japan for 25 years. In 2000, became Partner and Japan Representative for IBM Venture Capital Group and acted as Project Manager for Human Resource Development at METI's IPA agency. Became a Professional Connector in August 2010 with the concept that "people shine when connected". Began work as an artist in 2014. Visiting Professor at Kenichi Ohmae Graduate School of Business; Part-time Lecturer at Toyama Prefectural University and Sophia University; Advisor on Community Informatics to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications; Director at Fukuoka Ruby and Software Industry Promotion Committee; Business Producer and mentor for multiple start-ups.

Auditosr Daisuke Ishikawa's Photo

AuditorDaisuke Ishikawa

Born in 1980 - Tokyo. Graduated from Keio University with a degree in Economics.
Joined KPMG Azsa (now KPMG Azsa LLC) in 2005 and worked for 10 years on IPO support services, as well as audit of listed firms' financial product transactions, corporate audit, and financial due diligence. Co-founded "And B Accounting Firm" in July 2015, serving as partner and providing IPO support, financial closing support, audit services for non-profit corporations, and financial due diligence.

Auditosr Kazuhiro Ishikura's Photo

AuditorKazuhiro Ishikura

Joined KPMG Azsa (now KPMG Azsa LLC) in 2005, engaging in accounting audit for TSE listed companies, SEC registered enterprises, and foreign-capital firms, as well as internal control audit and advisory services related to the adoption of IFRS. Since July 2012, appointed director of Zeon Consulting and engaged in advisory services to listed companies, as well as funding and IPO support for start-ups.

Outside Auditor Koizumi's Photo

Outside AuditorFumiaki Koizumi

Joined Daiwa SMBC (now Daiwa Securities) in 2003. In charge of internet company IPOs in the investment banking department, including mixi and DeNA. Joined mixi, Inc. in 2007. Served as Director of the Management Division in the President's Office, becoming a board member and CFO in 2008. Retired as board member in 2012 and became advisor. Currently teaching and serving on the boards of several companies, acting as auditor and providing management support.

Outside Auditor Eiji Katayama's Photo

Outside AuditorEiji Katayama

Born in 1950 - Okayama Prefecture. Partner at the law firm of Abe, Ikubo & Katayama. Graduated from Kyoto University School of Engineering and worked for a pharmaceutical company, attending Kobe University School of Law at night. Licensed attorney in Japan and New York. Appointed a Trustee of JAL. Serves as outside director at Akatsuki and other firms; works as an advisor to a wide range of companies. Specialist in Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, and Bankruptcy. Served as President of AIPPI JAPAN and as Chairman of the Intellectual Property Committee of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

Outside Auditor Satoshi Yokoi's Photo

Outside AuditorSatoshi Yokoi

Born 1973 - Aichi Prefecture. Graduate of Tokyo University. Worked for a Japanese manufacturer and a US consulting firm, then joined So-net M3 (now M3, Inc.) in 2003 and worked in pharmaceutical marketing, helping to establish the pharmaceutical research business. Subsequently worked for Benesse Corporation and managed a printing company. Appointed as a director of So-net M3 (now M3, Inc.) in June of 2009, in charge of marketing support for pharmaceutical and related companies as well as the management of other related businesses.