Akatsuki Inc.

Timeline of Akatsuki products

Starting in one room with three people in 2010,
the below introduces the transition of Akatsuki in reverse chronological order


Established "Akatsuki Entertainment Technology Fund"


Established subsidiary Akatsuki Entertainment USA,Inc.


Listing changes to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market


Launched "Wowful" service

August Cinderella Nine

Started distribution of iOS and Android versions of "August Cinderella Nine"


Office expansion (7F of current office)


Established subsidiary Akatsuki Virtual Artists (AVA), engaged in production of virtual artists


Opened Fukuoka office

Moved headquarters

Moved headquarters to Kamiosaki in Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo


Established "a-Square" open community incubator

Atsumete Rilakkuma

Started distribution of iOS & Android versions of "Atsumete Rilakkuma"
* co-developed with Imagineer Co., Ltd.


Sotoasobi becomes a subsidiary
Launched LX (Live Experience) business

Tokyo Stock Exchange

Listed on Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange


Started distribution of Android version of "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle"
* iOS version launched February 2015
* co-developed with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment

Akatsuki Taiwan Inc.

Established Taiwanese subsidiary, Akatsuki Taiwan Inc.(暁数碼股份有限公司)

Thousand Memories

Started distribution of iOS & Android versions of "Thousand Memories"

Cinderella Eleven

Started distribution of iOS & Android versions of "Cinderella Eleven" Korean and Taiwanese versions also launched

Denno Pandemic

Started distribution of "Den-no Pandemic" via mobage

Cinderella Nine

Started distribution of Korean version of "Cinderella Nine"



Chaos Blade

Started providing "Chaos Blade" via mobage

Cinderella Eleven

Together with KLab, started providing "Cinderella Eleven" on mobage

Cinderella Nine

Together with Drecom, started providing social games on mixi (Cinderella Nine) and GREE (Kishin Blade)

Himegami Blade  
new office

Office moved to Kamimeguro in Meguro Ward

Kishin Blade

Started providing "Kishin Blade" on mobage



Cinderella Nine

Started providing "Cinderella Nine" on mobage

Kizuna No Fantasia

Started providing "Fantasia of Kizuna and Hope" on GREE (reached 12th rank for sales among men)

Sodatete My Girl

Won 2010 GREE Platform Award for "Bringing Up My Girl"



Bousou Datenshi

Started providing "Runaway Fallen Angel" on mobage & GREE (reached 10th rank for sales among men on GREE)

Sodatete My Girl

Started providing "Bringing Up My Girl" on mobage & GREE (reached 5th rank for sales overall on GREE) Akatsuki established

Akatsuki's logo

Akatsuki, Inc. established