Akatsuki Inc.

Created with special care.

Behind every product that Akatsuki puts out, there is a mission.

Thousand Memories (iOS・Android)

In this brand new game system, you’ll link together chibi characters and watch as they destroy monsters in this exciting puzzle RPG!
Listen as the characters come alive through their awesome voice actors!
Experience the depth of the game as you enhance your favorite characters and equip them with a variety of weapons!
A legendary knight failed in his mission to defeat the demon king 500 years ago. Now he has a second chance in this adventure with companions who transcend both time and space. Their fate lies in your hands in this magnificent story that spans five centuries!

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Denno Pandemic

Our Mission
Clothing, food, shelter, Pandemic.
To create a game that can turn into the next thing you can't live without.
What it's about
A cyber battle RPG with a twist.
Featuring famous artists and writers from anime and light novels!
Experience a totally new type of game control using an interface like you've never seen before, developed specially for smartphones.

Players delve into a world of fairy tales gone haywire so they can rescue a story that's been corrupted by a virus. Can these fairy tale heroines ultimately be saved?!
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Makai Touitsu Chaos Blade

Our Mission
To create the one-of-a-kind emotion that only chaos can satisfy.
What it's about
The powers of Succession, Evolution and Awakening are yours. Use them to aim for the ultimate deck of cards. Or devote yourself to the adorable enchantress who're going to nurture into becoming your wife.
More and more people tell us they're hooked onto the unique storyline that goes beyond the whole notion of social gaming.
It's a cracking new card game for a new age, finally!
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Cinderella Eleven

Our Mission
To let you relive those fantastic days of youth all over again!
What it's about
We created Cinderella Eleven with the aim of having players simply soak up the experience of interacting with girls... over soccer. From the vantage point of a girls' soccer team manager, we want you to live vicariously through the experiences of a bevy of peppy schoolgirls, through all those waves of bittersweet but invigorating emotions you might still remember from your own days... basically, to relive those nerve-wracking but exciting memories of that beautiful thing we call youth.

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Cinderella Nine

Our Mission
To continue providing the most awesome platform for users to share their own specific sense of values and see them in action.
What it's about
Start your own all-girls school baseball team from ground up: scout out your desired players, train them up and create a team just for yourself!
With more than 300 charming characters to choose from, you'll find the team members you want for sure! And to look for them, you get to travel to more than 50 countries around the world—even as far as outer space or Atlantis?!
This is your chance to create a Cinderella story by putting the “glass slipper” onto the foot of an ordinary girl. Only 9 out of 300 potential players will make it onto your team—your “Cinderella Nine” to shape with your own hands!

These girls are, of course, live beings. You can't “combine” them or “trade” them like cards. But every
character has a hidden potential that could take them extremely far. Sometimes, though, they don't turn out the way you want them to... but it's the trials and errors, the tough decisions that we hope you will enjoy.

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