Akatsuki Inc.

Real life experiences that move and thrill

The Live Experience (LX) business provides real activities that are raw, realistic, exciting, and experience-based.


Service Overview
"Wowful" is based on the concept of introducing services that users "want to visit" or "want to experience" - allowing users to search for various events, experiences and facilities, and then smoothly enabling completion with reservations.

The "Wowful" name comes from combining the words "wow" (surprise, excite), "colorful" (bring color to each day), and "full" (overflow). We named our service in this way because we want to introduce encounters that bring excitement and happiness, creating an abundance of colorful life memories for all.

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Service Overview
The "Sotoasobi" service specializes in reservations for outdoor and leisure activities, with "Sotoasobi curators" carefully selecting tours with activities that even first-timers can enjoy.

"Sotoasobi" includes all types of outdoor experiences and leisure activities, utilizing pro guides.
Curators have lengthy experience in the outdoor & leisure industry and recommend carefully selected tours. As a rule, the curators preview the venue, confirm tour details, and ensure that the activity can serve as the purpose of a journey.
Users can make reservations with confidence, knowing that tour providers are offering their lowest published prices on our site.

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